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Alex Falconer of Eden Prairie announces run for State Representative in 49A, Rep. Laurie Pryor’s newly open seat

Eden Prairie, MN  Today, Alex Falconer of Eden Prairie announced he is running to fill the open Minnesota State House seat 49A. Rep. Laurie Pryor announced her retirement, opening a seat that covers parts of Eden Prairie and Minnetonka. He is running as a proud Democrat and vying for the DFL Party endorsement at their Senate District Convention in April.

“I am excited to run for this district,” said Alex Falconer of 49A. “I thank Representative Pryor for her work the past three sessions representing our community which culminated with this past session’s historic legislative wins for all Minnesotans. For over two decades, I have led successful initiatives for our state - delivering protections for the Boundary Waters, community health initiatives, and key electoral victories to make Minnesota a better place. I am eager to work to earn the endorsement of my friends and neighbors in Eden Prairie and Minnetonka as we work together to continue our tradition here of strong schools, a strong community, and a strong economy that works for everyone.

Alex is a long-time organizer and former DFL employee. He started his career as part of the then DNC Chair Howard Dean’s State Partnership Program in 2006, where he worked as a field director in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District. Since then, he has managed field programs, special elections, and congressional campaigns and worked as a consultant for Democratic Parties and candidates across Minnesota and the country. 

Today Alex serves as Campaign Manager for the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters - the lead organization heading a national coalition of conservation organizations, businesses, and hunter-angler groups to protect our Wilderness from potential ruin via proposed sulfide-ore copper mines.

Alex brings to this race a deep history of political and grassroots organizing. He’ll be focusing his campaign on environmental stewardship, access to affordable healthcare, a strong public education system, and an economy that works for everyone.

Alex and his wife have three kids in the Minnetonka public schools. He is an assistant coach of the cross country running team at Minnetonka Middle School East and is an assistant coach with the Minnetonka High School Nordic Cross Country Ski Team. They have lived in the district since 2013.

Contact: Alex Falconer 

(612) 419-3423  /



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